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Points Based CSA

After much consideration and years of trying to make our program run more efficiently, we have decided to close our Points based CSA at the end of 2023. 

What does this mean for you? 

Hopefully, not much! We started our market cards this past summer and were so impressed with how they worked and heard a lot of great things from customers. We've decided to make that our sole CSA option for this coming year. If you have any points remaining at the end of 2023, we will mail you a market card with the value of your remaining points. We know this will be a big adjustment for many, know that we don't make this change lightly. Using the market card will solve many of the headaches associated with the market style CSA such as not knowing remaining points, questioning totals, not being able to read handwriting etc etc. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have strong feelings or questions about this! 

More information about the market cards can be found here.

Market Style CSA:

In the spring, members purchase points, which are used throughout the season at any of our markets or the farm to purchase anything that we have for sale (including eggs, honey and flowers)!! There are many advantages to our market style CSA:

  • Multiple pick up locations (ANY of our markets or our farm) 

  • Pick the quantity of produce desired

  • Pick what produce is desired

  • Don't have to make special arrangements for being out of town

  • Purchase share size that is perfect for family and lifestyle


Why not attend market?

As a CSA member, coupons will be sent in the spring to our members. The coupons change each year but there usually are coupons for U pick strawberries, flowers and tomatoes. We pick members of the month to receive 40 extra points to use during the month as well. We also have an Early Bird Special that helps members save money!

How much does a CSA cost?

Share prices vary greatly. Our share prices begin at $50 and increase in $50 increments. This allows for increased flexibility depending on a member's desire for produce. Points are worth $.25 each. For example, a $2 item would cost a member 8 points. 


What happens if too many (or too few) points are purchased?

Members are encouraged to share points with friends or family! If a member is unable to use their full share, Visser Farms will donate the remaining value of the share to local food pantries. Members can also use the code "MoreVeggies" for 5% off more points that will be valid for the rest of the season. 


How many points is right for my family?

This is the hardest question for us to answer. It depends on how much you like veggies, if you like trying new things and if you like canning or making jam. All of these can hint towards a bigger share size. Consider how much you spend per week on average. A $300 share is equivalent to spending about $11 a week just during the summer months. That is not a lot of money when you think about the variety of produce available. But, this will be different for every family!


How is produce purchased?

Members come to any of our markets or the farm and pick out produce they would like. To find a location that works best for you, click HERE to see all of our markets, their locations and hours. Once members have what they'd like, their points are totaled and deducted from their grand total. Our staff knows how many points each member has and are available for any questions. 

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